If you're an Entrepreneur or Business Owner, Two things Keep you up at night

#1: Relentless Demands

People and businesses constantly clamor for your attention, resources, effort, and money - and they want it now.

#2 Uncertainty

The nagging question of “Will my time, energy, and capital investment payoff?”

Understanding the problem is simple. Solving it? That's where we come in.

Business should be

NineOneSix streamlines entrepreneurship, removing the need for founders to master every aspect of their business. We provide support where it's needed, allowing founders to focus on innovation and growth, making their entrepreneurial journey simpler and more focused.

Capital Raising

Do you have an additional 40 hours a week to work on raising capital? Fundraising is a full time job that can take founders away from their core business. We shorten and simplify this so you can focus on growing your company


86% of start-ups focus mainly on client acquisition, BUT 90% of start-ups fail. We dial in acquisition so founders can focus on growth.

Strategic Planning

34% of small businesses fail due to poor product-market fit. We help founders architect their business to fill growing market needs.

Expertise & Support

Having more than one founder increases success rate by 30%, it also is a 3x multiplier for customer growth rate and increases the likelihood of manageable growth. We support founders so they aren't going in alone.


Technology is more important then ever but is evolving at a rapid pace. We simplify tech so founders aren't lost in a sea of confusion

In Progress
Founder Industry Country Status
L.G. Hospitality Tech United States Funding
R.E Home Maintenance United States Launched
B.C. Mortgage Lending United States Roadmap
W.E Video Game Studio United States Roadmap
C.H. Software Development Ukraine Operational

How our ecosystem works with a hospitality & Travel technology firm

The Opportunity

Welcome to NineOneSix Systems' investment gateway, offering unparalleled access to a diverse portfolio of groundbreaking startups poised for significant growth. With a minimal $100 entry, our platform is open to all, from seasoned investors to beginners. We focus on maximizing value through operational efficiency and strategic market positioning in a vibrant growth ecosystem. Join us to discover and elevate startups redefining industries.


Strategic Diversification:

Spread your investments across a range of industries with NineOneSix, mitigating risk while maximizing potential returns.

Expertly Curated Ventures:

Benefit from NineOneSix's rigorous selection process, investing in startups vetted for their growth potential and market viability.

Early Access to Disruptive Innovations:

Gain early exposure to cutting-edge technologies and business models.