Our Mission

At NineOneSix, we are not just launching businesses; we are cultivating a community dedicated to enduring success and positive change. Join us as we redefine what it means to do business in the modern world and create a legacy of positive impact, innovation, and success.

We help real people, solve real problems.

Launching in 2024
$ M
In funding
Available Per Business

Our Values

People, then value

Our culture champions growth, respect, and clear communication, fostering an honest and collaborative workspace.


Integrity is our core, guiding us to be transparent, accountable, and committed to excellence, ensuring our actions always align with our words.


Fun energizes our workplace, enhancing creativity and community. We embrace joy, prioritize well-being, and balance work with levity and connection.


Courage propels us to embrace challenges as growth opportunities, fostering innovation, self-awareness, and the bravery to evolve beyond our comfort zones.

Meet our team

Our team is a dynamic blend of innovators and problem-solvers, united by a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for making a difference.

Stephen Hollifield

Founder, CEO

Samuel Edwards

Founder, VP of Operations

Greg Pulver

Founder, CFO

Chip Payne

Advisor, Strategic Leadership

Kent Gravely

Advisor, Strategic Investments

Scott Cardani

Advisor, Legal & Governance

Shawn Stephens

Advisor, National Operations

What our founders are saying

Lauren Gerardii
"They made things so simple"
NineOneSix streamlined our journey, demystifying capital raising and technology integration, making what seemed complex remarkably simple and profoundly effective.
Robert Edwards
EcoVolt Exteriors
"NineOneSix Takes care of everything"
They took care of everything, so all I have to do is show up and power wash!